Theresa Cramer


The mobile marketing industry was delivered a bit of a blow when Apple announced it was moving to an opt-in policy for IDFA. As personalization has become par for the course, mobile marketers are wondering how they’ll deliver the experiences users have to expect without the help of IDFA. That’s why we’re hosting MGS Deep Dives IDFA in September, an event mobile marketers can’t afford to miss

Here’s why you need to take a deep dive into the hottest topic in mobile marketing:

Learn what’s after IDFA

As Tom Petty once said, “The waiting is the hardest part.” Marketers know what he meant as they wait to find out exactly what these changes will mean for the industry. There are a few predictions that are easy to make — like marketers will need to work harder to gain the trust of customers and find new (or old) ways to reach them. Tune in to learn what the experts think is coming next.

Get a chance to ask the experts anything

Have lots of questions about how to proceed in a world without IDFA? This is your chance to pick the experts’ brains. Join the AMA session to get your questions answered and the advice you need to make sure your mobile campaigns are successful going forward.

You need a reality check

To quote another great, “The sky is falling!” Or is it? Learning to live without IDFA may be a challenge for mobile marketers, but it’s not the end of the world. Get a reality check from experts who have had time to think about where the industry is going and how we can continue to deliver great, personalized experiences even if iOS users decide to opt out of giving you their data.

Join us on September 10 for MGS Deep Dives IDFA, a one-day conference devoted entirely to answering mobile marketers’ questions about a post-IDFA world. Register before August 17 for a free publisher pass!


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