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The general anxiety of facing a global pandemic has led to the CDC addressing the onslaught of stress and anxiety caused by the coronavirus. Combine that with a rise in app downloads and usage and you have the perfect recipe for meditation and other wellbeing-related apps to thrive.

In times like this, it’s important to understand that people are feeling vulnerable and the last thing the world needs is an app—or anyone—looking to take advantage of that. However, if you happen to have a meditation app, you’re in the perfect position to help.

In-person guided meditations, yoga, and other wellbeing classes are nearly impossible to come by right now. A meditation app can solve this issue by helping people to continue their regular practice from home or give people looking for a new way to de-stress the help they need.

Follow these tips to help market your meditation app to help people in need:

Be mindful of the language you use

  • Focus on nurturing language that not only showcases how your product can help solve problems but also shows that you’re a company that cares.
  • Mimick the language used in your app to speak to those going throughout the meditations. This will help you reach your target audience and give them a sense of what to expect when they hit download.

Offer a free trial

  • Offering a free trial to help people through this tough time could be a great way to support people while building up a fanbase for your app.
  • Typically, no-purchase trials work best for this as they reduce the barrier to getting people to use your app.

Ask for feedback

  • As people turn to meditation apps to help destress, now could be a good time to ask for feedback from new and existing users.
  • People’s needs will be slightly different while they’re in isolation or working from home. You can take this as a chance to improve what you offer to help even more people.

Create a campaign centered around support

  • A lot of people might not know how to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by a global pandemic. As an expert in meditation and wellbeing, your company is positioned well to create a campaign that will help people learn new ways of coping.
  • Not only will this educate people on the importance of meditation and how apps can help them relax and stay calm, but it’s a good opportunity to get more people using your app for the benefit of their mental health.

As you endeavor to bring your meditation app to more people, the key is to ensure you're focused on truly helping people, and not just raking in new users. Savvy consumers will quickly see through anything designed to take advantage of them when they're feeling vulnerable so tread lightly and make sure you provide features that are truly helpful.


Image: Relaxion Yoga by Renata Hille via Pixabay.