Rebecca Castellani

Peggy Anne Salz, Founder and Chief Analyst of MobileGroove, leads a Level-up Thursday discussion on the best practices for operating a business during COVID-19. Joining Salz is Travis Gemoets, an experienced trial attorney with Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell. Gemoets consults on a variety of employment-related matters and has been advising clients across multiple industries since the pandemic began – first helping with the shutdown, and later with re-opening. 



Topics in this session include: 

  • The practicalities and legalities of creating a remote work environment
  • Tracking hours, productivity, and responsiveness
  • The difficulties of disciplinary action
  • Preventing the potential misuse of independent contractors 
  • Establishing preventative protocols when returning to the non-virtual work environment
  • Flexibility for those high-risk individuals who cannot return to work 
  • Paid-time-off during mandated quarantines
  • Workplace guidelines – social distancing, cleaning, employer-provided PPE, modified workspaces
  • Navigating the “new normal”

For more on establishing effective work-from-home protocols and dealing with COVID-19 in the non-virtual workplace, please stream the full video. Check out our upcoming Level-Up Thursday webcasts.