Staff Writer

Artificial emotional intelligence is here and in this MGS20 session, Martin Salo, co-founder of RealEyes, explains how attention and emotion impact data and can help optimize the user experience.

With competition for engagement higher than ever before, mobile game apps are occupying a significant slice of user attention due to their ability to connect with human emotions. Based on this finding, Salo explains how RealEyes AI technology provides deeper insight than traditional data due to its ability to measure user attention and emotion.

Salo then dives into some practical use cases. “For your marketing to work, people need to pay attention,” says Salo, “and to build a brand that people remember, you need to move the audience emotionally.” By monitoring user attention, RealEyes AI can identify optimal engagement times, winning creative campaigns, and even analyze the functionality of an app by pinpointing moments users are engaged, distracted, or frustrated. Salo concludes with some thoughts on how RealEyes AI can improve mobile ad spending and help you build a better brand.


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