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The importance of good customer service is well-known, but if you want to perfect the customer experience you need to arm your representatives with the right tools. Whether you’re supporting your customer as a solo developer or have a team of agents backed up by advanced ticket-handling software, when things go wrong your goal is the same — solve the customer’s issue quickly and get them back to using the app.

That’s why well-designed support matters. If it takes half an hour to wade through your software to fix a simple issue, it brings the whole experience down. It’s worth putting in the time to make it just as intuitive and safe as the app itself.

Make an intuitive interface for easy onboarding and use

When you’re thinking about app design, you’re likely already reading up on what makes a good interface (and if not, check out The Best UI and UX Design Trends to Grow Your App to get started). Consider applying the lessons you learn in your research to your backend support. Sure, if you’re a solo developer supporting your own work you know the program inside and out; but if your app’s popularity expands and you need to hire help, agents will need onboarding, and if you can make it fast and intuitive you will be one step ahead of the competition., A fast turnaround means more issues are solved in a shorter time, letting you get back to working on your app. 

An intuitive interface has an effect on your bottom-line too. If you only need to spend an hour answering tickets instead of five, or only need three support agents instead of ten, that’s savings directly back to you.

Make in-app contact easy

Enabling agents to interact with customers through your app certainly makes it easier for a customer to ask for help, but it also lets agents quickly find their account in your system. No need to send long strings of user IDs! This isn’t a perfect solution, as a customer who can’t log in or launch your app won’t benefit, but for purchasing issues or missing goods, it makes account finding effortless.

Have straightforward naming conventions

If your app has digital items for purchase, make sure they are named in a way that anyone understands what it is at a glance. As well as making restoration faster, there’s no risk of restoring an incorrect item.

Keep dangerous commands separate

Complex problems may need risky commands to fix; ones that can break an account if performed incorrectly. For example, if you need to copy or recover information from one account to another, performing that across the wrong accounts could be disastrous for the user. If you can’t avoid them, make sure they cannot be confused for your safe commands. 

Try keeping dangerous commands in their own section of the backend software. Even better, restrict access to that section so only certain support accounts see them. That way, only trained people can use those commands.

An intuitive interface for your customer support team can make all the difference in the overall customer experience. Setting them up for success early on means less time spent addressing issues or training new hires, making it easier to quickly fix problems with less risk to accounts and thus getting your customer back to happily using your app. It’s a win-win all around.


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