Theresa Cramer

Want to develop a winning game, but unsure how to navigate intellectual property (IP)? MGS20 has you covered. Kimberly Culper, Director of Carr McClellan P.C., moderates this conversation on mobile game development and IP, featuring Jeremy Horn, VP of Strategy at JamCity, and Jori Pearsall, the SVP of Product at Scopely.

Culper begins by asking the experts to discuss building your own IP versus licensing from a known brand. The issue of licensing becomes a conversation about contracts and the importance of predetermining rights of publicity, future-proofing, and marketing support. Horn and Pearsall then offer advice on working with your partner to manage mutual expectations, before Culper shifts the discussion to the challenges of marketing organic IP and cultivating an audience. The panel concludes with some insight into global marketing practices and the necessity of complete immersion in your IP to create a meaningful game.