Rebecca Castellani

Presented at MGS GVC 1.0, Peggy Salz, founder of MobileGroove, leads a conversation on meaningful engagement and user retention with panelists Steve Moy, Product Director at Product Madness, Tatu Petersen-Jessen, Art Director at Rovio, Ada Dubrawska, Associate Product Manager at Clue, and Murad Musakaev, Project & Business Development Manager at Full HP Ltd.

Subjects covered in this panel include:

  • How the COVID-19 crisis has influenced user retention
  • Understanding and managing lifecycles to retain users
  • Engaging atypical audience segments with personal offers
  • Attracting an audience with a high retention potential
  • Creative ad localization
  • The importance of trust and value in a customized user experience
  • Retention metrics (cost per player, lifetime value, frame rates, technical KPIs, user sentiment)

Engaging and retaining users is the crux of mobile marketing. Watch this MGA panel to unlock insider secrets, cutting-edge strategies, problem-solving techniques, and more!