Rebecca Castellani

Got a million-dollar idea? In this MGS20 panel moderated by Stewart Skrondal, Director of Client Solutions at Blue Label Labs, experts share their best practices for turning ideas into reality. Panelists include Mary Yang (Director of Product at LinkedIn), Ryan Baird (CEO of Lyka), and Marti Romances (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Territory Studio).

The panel begins with high-level advice on bringing new ideas to life. Skrondal asks the panelists about key resources necessary for new product development, and Romances advocates a “function first” approach. The conversation then turns to effective communication; Baird recommends mobile messaging for remote and international business, while Yang espouses the value of a feedback friendly environment. On the subject of design, Yang suggests up-front alignment, high-iteration testing, and rapid prototyping — sentiments echoed by Baird and Romances. The conversation concludes with the panelists' thoughts on managing constraints, how and when to pivot your idea, and the importance of keeping a curious, open mind when faced with change.