Guest Contributor

2020 was a big year in mobile gaming — and that was especially true in Turkey. Users were expected to reach 16 million in Turkey alone, a 12.5% increase year-over-year. With 79% of Turkish adults playing mobile games, this is a market that cannot be ignored. 


No matter how much you may know about your current gamers, every market is different. For instance, in Turkey mobile gamers spend more than 4 hours on their mobile devices in a day and their favorite gaming genres are Action/Adventure, Puzzle, and Racing. So, if you want to get to know the Turkish mobile gaming market, the Mobidictum Business Network - Online Mobile Game Conference is here to help. Mobidictum decided to provide a common ground where the world can meet the Turkish studios in their journey of global expansion. Get ready to expand your vision, attend talks, connect with publishers and investors, explore valuable products, meet new studios and grow your network to a whole new level.


With more than 400 attendees and 25+ speakers over the course of two days (May 8-9), this conference will help mobile gaming companies dive deep into the trends moving the gaming industry today.