Rebecca Castellani

In this MGS Deep Dives IDFA session, Shamanth Rao, Founder & CEO of RocketShip HQ, and John Koetsier, Journalist, Analyst, and Futurist at Forbes, discuss how Apple is disrupting mobile as we know it. Despite being an $80 billion industry, mobile is a still nascent sector centered around advertising – but now that Apple’s iOS14 has made IDFAs opt-in, they’re poised to disrupt the entire mobile ecosystem.

The interview describes four main reasons Apple made this change: privacy, culture, politics, and monetary. Insights include:

  • The commercial, political, and social motives behind IDFAs.
  • The security risks and potential power misuse of IDFAs.
  • The strategic advantage of weakening competitors – like Google, Facebook, Amazon – that rely on ad revenue.
  • How the current ecosystem has contributed to delays in the iOS14 deadline.
  • Where Google might land with IDFAs for Android.
  • The future of advertising to mobile apps: the return of contextual targeting and the shift to monetizing more in-app purchases.

To learn more about this trend toward privacy in mobile apps, watch the full MGS Deep Dive or download our IDFA - Asked & Answered whitepaper.