Rebecca Castellani

Elizabeth Giorgi, Co-Founder and CEO of soona, delivers this MGS GVC 1.0 session on how branding can improve and evolve to be more thoughtful, conscientious, and successful in the current market. 



Topics covered in this session include: 

  • Connecting message and iconography to create brand recognition and understanding
  • The essential interconnectedness of performance and brand
  • Developing a smart spend targeted to the right audience (hyper-targeting)
  • Choosing risky over safe in brand marketing to attract new audiences
  • Using different platforms and topical events to tell intimate stories about your company
  • Why brands have a hard time growing in organic ways
  • Experimentation and evolution 
  • Determining risk alignment and equally distributing spend
  • Shifting social to more story-oriented content with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Using spend to promote content as much as advertising campaigns
  • Developing events vs. sponsoring existing events
  • Key metrics used to determine content payoff

For more actionable insights into brand evolution, watch Giorgi’s full session. And consider joining us at MGS BRANDS.