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We all know that change is hard, and while large strides have been made in making Fintech more diverse, there’s still a way to go. That’s the frank assessment that Tracey Davies delivered in this week’s Fintech Growth Talk.

As president of Money20/20, the largest Fintech industry event, Davies started the RiseUp program in 2018 as a means to help accelerate the careers of women in the industry. Since it’s founding, more than 150 women have participated in the program, garnering high praise from participants and industry experts alike.

Of course, critical acclaim isn’t enough; RiseUp has achieved significant tangible results. For example, more than half of its attendees have secured more senior positions in some of the top companies in the world. Many others have gone on to start their own businesses, while others have published books, become nationally-known speakers, developed intra-preneur programs at their firms, and more.

Despite these successes, though, Davies points out that a lot more needs to be done in order to achieve truly diverse and inclusive businesses. For example, banks in the U.K. still have a significant gender pay gap. But where diversity and inclusion were once seen as simply a means towards building a more profitable company just a few years ago, Davies believes that more firms are pursuing more diverse workforces because “it’s just the right thing to do.” This has led to greater conversations about diversity, but also more opportunities and more avenues to opportunities.

Interestingly, RiseUp started with a simple vision to “just do the program,” says Davies. Today, though, that step-by-step approach coupled with the significant impact it has made has blossomed into a much broader vision. That includes launching Amplify, a similar program designed specifically to raise the visibility and connections for people of color. The key, says Davies, is building on the successes and progress incrementally.

“We didn’t start out with a big vision, we started out with one step,” says Davies.

That’s been the key to Davies’ and RiseUp’s success: Doing things one step at a time and continually moving forward. And she and her team will continue to build towards a more diverse and inclusive Fintech industry at Money 20/20 and beyond.

About Tracey Davies

I'm the President of Money20/20 and have been with Ascential since 2008. Prior to Money20/20 I was the MD of Retail Week. I am a passionate campaigner for the progression of women into more senior roles and founded Rise Up in 2018 to champion diversity in Financial services. I am one of Fintech magazines Top 100 women in Fintech. Outside work, one of my life's missions is to speak Italian - still very much work in progress.

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