Rebecca Castellani

In this Level Up Thursday webcast, host Peggy Anne Salz (Mobilegroove) is joined by Michael Jessen of Social Point to discuss engagement, rewarded advertising, and the future of monetized mobile games. 

Jessen’s background in user acquisition and incentivized models inform a conversation that considers:

  • Diversified revenue streams  
  • Personalized surveys with incentivized rewards
  • Increasing retention through rewarded user acquisition 
  • Redeeming virtual currency for gift cards or vouchers (and the differences between Android and iOS)
  • How to match partners 
  • The importance of testing to find the right user content and rewards balance
  • Using multipliers to boost engagement during certain times 
  • Integrated influencer marketing
  • How to keep rewards balanced between platforms to diminish user friction 

For more actionable insight into improving user engagement with rewarded advertising, watch the full Level Up Thursday webcast.

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