Rebecca Castellani

Norm "N.G." Gordon, a Social Media Influencer from DearMishuDad, moderates a panel discussion on brand loyalty for MGS GVC 1.0 featuring Carol Tran, Head of Growth at Dolby Laboratories, and Elco Ian, Founder and CEO of


The panel discussion explores the different perceptions Millennials and Gen Z have when it comes to brands, and how to cultivate brand loyalty in both segments. Topics covered include: 

  • Using mission, transparency, visibility, and customer relationships to cultivate brand loyalty 
  • The importance of self-awareness in our current environment
  • How an abundance of choice decreases brand loyalty
  • Creating messaging that resonates with specific communities (e.g. Gen Z) and specific moments (e.g. BLM)
  • Why Millennials are perceived to be the most loyal demographic
  • Generational cycles
  • Segmenting generations into cohorts to improve marketing, create better products, and price appropriately
  • Influencer marketing campaigns
  • Cultivating brand loyalty in the post-COVID market

Check out the full video for in-depth insight into brand loyalty and generational differences. And if you want to learn more about app branding, join us for MGS BRANDS.