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After announcing changes to its metadata policy back in April, Google has finally put those new rules into play. Google is cracking down on apps in its Play Store that may be trying to game the ASO system with less than straightforward app store listings. The goal, according to Google, is to “ensure that your store listing assets can help users anticipate your in-app or in-game experience and drive meaningful downloads.”

The new rules of metadata in the Google Play Store

  • The length of your app title has gone from 50 characters down to 30. 
  • Keywords that imply store performance or rank are prohibited in the title, developer name, and icon. No more claiming you’re the “best” or the “top.”
  • App titles and icons cannot mislead users by offering incentives to install or deal promotions.
  • Say goodbye to emojis and special characters You also won’t be able to use all caps in the app title, icon, or developer name.
  • Developers who use misleading graphics will have to retool their strategy and feature screenshots, videos, and short descriptions that legitimately showcase your app's features and functionality. 

If you want to stay on Google’s good side, it’s time to ensure your metadata is in line with the new rules.