Rebecca Castellani

In this MGS Deep Dives IDFAsession, Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst and Founder of MobileGroove, and Nebojsa Radovic, Growth Lead of N3TWORK, discuss the actions mobile advertisers should take to prepare for the post-IDFA ecosystem.

This video includes hands-on measures for mobile marketers such as:

  • Testing new consent flows to increase IDFA opt-in rates
  • Learning how to get the most out of limited data
  • Determining the impact on the UA platform
  • Building new models to optimize conversion rates
  • Implementing SKAdNetwork to test outputs
  • Synching your MMP/Cost Aggregation Solution and making necessary API updates
  • Updating ad monetization networks
  • Preparing a pipeline of data for users who enable AppTrackingTransparency
  • Longer-term preparation – like shifting budgets to Android and implementing a web-based sign-up flow

To learn more about IDFA, download our latest whitepaper.