Rebecca Castellani

Maren Donovan, CEO of Inde, moderates a panel discussion for MGS GVC 1.0 on how to acquire quality talent on a budget. Featuring: Michelle Lakness, Sr. Financial Analyst at Doist, Christina Dunbar, Director Global Talent at Scopely, and Andres Cajiao, Co-Founder & CGO of Torre Technologies.




Topics covered in this panel include: 

  • Tapping into talent displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic in an authentic way
  • Expanding the hiring pool beyond the local area
  • Utilizing different remote work platforms to expand the hiring pool
  • The pros and cons of recruiting and hiring remote talent
  • Finding the best fit between person and role
  • How to hire remote for the first time
  • Using tools and conferences to recruit talent
  • How to transition new talent from remote to in-office
  • Using apprenticeships, internships, and mentoring to approach the “lost generation” of new graduates
  • Leveraging the gig economy

For in-depth insight into acquiring talent on a budget, tune into the full panel discussion.