Theresa Cramer

The past two years have been defined by increased downloads and spending. The number of active mobile gamers worldwide is over 2.2 billion — the result of which is that 21% of all Android and 25% of all iOS apps downloaded are games. But the face of mobile gaming is changing. 

In November 2021, Netflix entered the mobile gaming arena with 13 games. Since then, Apptopia reports that Netflix’s games have been downloaded 8 million times. You can play the games through your Netflix app or download them individually — using your Netflix subscription to log-in. As Apptopia points out, the games are more about customer retention and encouraging users to choose Netflix over another streaming app than they are about the games themselves. One has to wonder how long it will be before other streaming platforms catch on and launch their own games, potentially changing the face of mobile gaming.

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Mobile gaming and the metaverse

Meanwhile, the metaverse and NFTs lurk on the horizon. Virtual and augmented reality is nothing new, and have been changing how we think about games — especially mobile gaming — for years. The success of Pokemon GO has forever changed the way we think about mobile gaming and how it’s possible to combine gaming in the real world with the screen on our phones. 

But as we inch closer to a persistent and decentralized virtual world, gaming is set to change again. How will mobile games fit into a new VR? How will NFTs change the way we monetize games and incentivize players? 

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