Staff Writer

Sarah Main, Director of Product at WeatherBug, delivers this MGS20 session on converting dissatisfied customers and utilizing their feedback to build a better product.

Main begins with a brief history of WeatherBug and its “legacy users,” noting how their feedback — whether criticism or validation —can be leveraged to “prioritize and craft the product roadmap.” She then shares best practices for user retention; namely, quality customer support delivered immediately. WeatherBug optimizes the customer experience with UserVoice, a tool that enables users to send feedback emails directly, then analyzes the responses to identify popular feature requests or the top ten issues currently affecting the app.

By creating a feedback loop “from customer support to product to engineering,” WeatherBug can prioritize technical debt every week. “Typically users just want their voices heard,” Main concludes, and more often than not, a quick, meaningful response alleviates the original complaint. To retain legacy users and turn unhappy customers into happy ones, Main suggests repeated follow-ups and alerting users when their feature requests are launched so customers “understand that they’re a part of the whole product roadmap process” and feel heard, supported, and valued.