Rebecca Castellani

MGA presents a webinar with Vincent Meyer, CEO of GOffee, on the methods necessary for successful retargeting campaigns in gaming, e-commerce, and entertainment apps.

Meyer’s webinar includes insights into: 

  • Defining retargeting, re-install, and re-engagement with your partners
  • Leveraging tactics to perform a revenue generator action inside an app
  • Setting up and judging a retargeting campaign
  • Creating ROI positive campaigns by determining the most valuable action in your app and understanding the funnel of actions the user has to take to get there 
  • What you need to establish a successful retargeting campaign: in-app tracking, deep-linking strategy, and fraud tracking
  • Recommended channels, ad formats, and messages
  • Using generic videos with either a static or dynamic banner to highlight elements you want to push to users
  • User attention span and the ideal length for retargeting videos 
  • Email retargeting 

For more on successful app retargeting, check out the full webinar.

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