Rebecca Castellani

Farhad Divecha, Director at AccuraCast – and a specialist in digital strategy, SEO, and social media marketing, mobile e-commerce, and growth analytics – shares how sports brands are evolving to engage mobile audiences in the wake of COVID-19. 

In addition to creative and innovative examples, Divecha’s webinar includes insights into: 

  • Digital mediums (like social media) leveraging convenience to become the preferred method of sports consumption
  • The demographic differences between sports consumers
  • Using emotional triggers, sports heroes, and influencers to add impact to your messaging and make your community feel connected
  • Building excitement and driving engagement with behind-the-scenes action and insider intel
  • Shifting focus toward younger markets with more revenue growth opportunities
  • Producing lite versions of apps for lower spec devices and people with limited data plans
  • The importance of investing in quality content
  • Tips for developing an influencer strategy
  • Opportunities in the e-sports sector
  • The necessity of video in today’s mobile ecosystem

For more on the future of mobile sports, check out the full session.