Rebecca Castellani

Harlyn Pacheco, COO of Picap, delivers this MGS GVC 1.0 session on connecting international investors with the many excellent developers in LATAM.

Subjects covered in Pacheco’s session include:

  • The ongoing economic crises in LATAM
  • The current status of venture capital in LATAM
  • Opportunities to drive critical impact in emerging startups
  • Bridging the gap in scale and expanding net impact
  • Macro factors such as sustainable democracy and the debt of central banks
  • Aligning technologists, developers, and entrepreneurs with government interests
  • The critical role of LATAM’s magical realism in the world’s survival
  • Investment opportunities for gaming and entertainment in LATAM and the importance of working with local teams on marketing campaigns

Investing in LATAM startups is good for the region and good for the world. For deeper insight into the positive and lucrative investment opportunities in LATAM, tune in to Pacheco’s full session today.