Rebecca Castellani

Rebecca Nackson (Founder & Head of Growth Services at Notable) moderates this MGS20 panel on the practical use of AI technology in business. Panelists include: Simon Lejeune, Head of UA at Hopper; Lomit Patel, VP of Growth at IMVU; Luke Dicken, Director of Applied AI at Zynga; and Haseeb Tariq, Former Director Marketing Automation for The Walt Disney Company.

Jackson begins by emphasizing the panel’s focus on “applying AI in tangible ways.” Dicken defines this concept broadly, describing the technology as “anytime a machine is making a decision a human would otherwise make.” The panelists respond with examples of practical AI in their respective businesses: Lejune shares how Hopper’s AI technology helps users know the optimal time to purchase flights; Tariq talks about using “humanistic automation” at Guess; while Patel describes how a smaller, start-up team like IMVU uses AI to improve return on ad spend.

The conversation then turns to content creation, optimization, generative strategies, and the role of influencers in popular platforms like TikTok. Lejune imagines a future with artificially-generated ads completely customized to individual users, leading the panelists to discuss the ethical implications of AI and regulation techniques. The conversation concludes with some thoughts on data-driven process and the hypothetical line between predictive AI and human autonomy, bias, and control.