Rebecca Castellani

In this session from MGS Deep Dives LTV, Alex Weinstein, SVP of Growth at GrubHub, explains how incrementality and alignment of incentives can accurately measure return on investment (ROI) and determine lifetime value (LTV).

Topics covered in Weinstein’s session include:

  • Determining who your customers are, predicting the quality of those customers, and comparing the costs of customer acquisition to achieve profitable growth
  • How to understand what portion of spend is driving incremental behavior (incrementality)
  • Understanding SEM Google marketing and using a/b testing to differentiate between paid keywords and organic results 
  • Calculating the totality of your customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • How to run geo experiments (sister market tests) 
  • Optimizing spend by understanding the difference between your incentives and the incentives of your advertising reps
  • Aligning internal incentives
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing incrementality, a/b testing, etc.

For more on measuring incrementality and improving ROI, tune in to Weinstein’s full session.