Rebecca Castellani

In this MGA webinar, George Natsvlishvili, Product Owner of UA & Monetization at Lingokids, and Luis Guzman, Growth Marketing Lead at TheVentureCity, discuss developing a web-to-app strategy that maximizes market share, saves money, and improves web tracking.

Natsvlishvili and Guzman’s conversation includes valuable insights into: 

  • Developing a web strategy based on user-generated content
  • Gaining market share based on paid ads (paid acquisition)
  • Gaining market share based on SEO (organic acquisition)
  • Common mistakes startups make when executing web marketing campaigns
  • SEO development strategies
  • Innovative companies in the web-to-app space
  • App store optimization (ASO)
  • Optimizing app events from web campaigns
  • First steps for starting SEO for solo developers

For more details on web-to-app strategy, watch the full MGA webinar.