Rebecca Castellani

Andrius Baranauskas, Director of Product, Pricing, Programs at, delivers this MGS20 keynote on prioritizing product ideas.

After a brief description of his career as a product leader, Baranauskas shares his framework for implementing new product features. The first step is to ask “why” your product exists, and from this information determine the company’s mission. Define what achieving that mission looks like with an aspirational, plausible, future-focused vision statement. Next, identify a clear strategy focused on “strengths that are relative to the market, the opportunity you have at hand, or the problem that you’re solving.”

Baranauskas emphasizes that mission, vision, and strategy must be aligned for the product leaders to make successful choices, and suggests establishing an operational compass using KPIs to measure progress. Baranauskas then introduces the next step -- “what” to build -- by sharing insight into the nature of ideation, the necessity of well-defined product impact, effective validation techniques, and prioritizing features. The keynote concludes with the final step: “how” to prepare for, define, and measure product success.

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