Turning your app into a money-making business requires you to delight your audience with ads that engage, not annoy. Working with a one-stop programmatic marketplace takes the heavy-lifting out of finding the best match (at the best price) to achieve high fill-rates for your impressions. It’s a lot like dating, which is why MoPub has cleverly chosen the metaphor to educate audiences about mobile programmatic. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Jacob Kreimer, Head of Strategic Partnerships West at MoPub (a Twitter company), to talk about the smart—even cheeky—ways MoPub is educating the industry about mobile programmatic and the massive opportunities for publishers to monetize different segments of their inventory with different ad partners. It pays to play the field, so don’t settle for one type of advertiser or one type of demand. Jacob also discusses what to watch for next from MoPub.