Peggy Anne Salz

Digital unleashes opportunities at the fringe—and across the globe—creating a two-way street of amazing ideas and innovation. Entrepreneurs can tap this dynamic to take their businesses from good to great, and organizations are helping with programs and funding to reward the best. Digital also frees you to take charge of your personal brand, creating and communicating a message that resonates in your industry and beyond your borders. It’s a world tour of programs to help you build your business and solid advice to help you develop your personal brand when our host Peggy Anne Salz chats with Christine Ntim, a partner at Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE). Christine talks about her company—which empowers governments to accelerate tech entrepreneurship via accelerators, startup hacking boot camps, tech summits and ecosystem development workshops in different countries around the world—and draws from experience to help you elevate and energize our own brand. There are no limits to what you can do, and Christine will open your eyes to your potential.