Christina Trampota
Originally from Egypt, Hussein came to the US to study for a PhD in Computer Science at Virginia Tech in 2005. After graduating he went on to a few roles leading Engineering teams, most recently at Amazon, but felt the Entrepreneurship itch and went on to found and head Transpose Technologies, a holistic information management platform that had users spanning 169 countries and 100,000MAU. After a successful exit, Hussein decided to embark on an MBA at UC Berkeley’s Hass School of Business, taking part time freelancing roles as an engineer in the interim, figuring it would give him time to come up with his next idea. It was as a freelancer where he realized how broken the financial services sector was for this segment, and it was then where Oxygen was born. Fast forward two plus years, an incubation at Y Combinator, hyper growth and a realization that there are more problems to solve within the traditional finance sector, Oxygen is well positioned to disrupt traditional financial services.
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