How marketers can use keyboard apps to power effective UA and build brand

RFM: Segment your users by what they do—and how often—to rocket results

Peggy Anne Salz

In advertising relevancy trumps everything. But don’t rely on audience attributes (age, interest, location) to net valuable—and loyal—uses for your app. You need to break your user base down into segments based on activity. Who are your most profitable customers? Who is at the risk of churning? Who is most likely to respond to promotions? Our series of video interviews explores this and more with Sunil Thomas, CEO and co-founder of CleverTap. We examine why RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) should be your mantra in 2019. But don’t do it alone. Sunil explains where AI fits in to make your app marketing more human and—ultimately—more effective across the customer lifecycle.